Community Art

Jeanette G Lee


This community-based participatory public artwork was developed in collaboration with West Richmond Community Centre staff, preschoolers, Out of School Care children, Youth in Action team, older adults and teachers.

Through a series of workshops, the artist engaged participants in hands-on exercises to decorate a wood and aluminum profile panels. The artwork is installed in the stairwell off the main entrance to the Community Centre.

Rising – Film

A symphony of sculptures

What started as a need for a new sign at Richmond Nature Park spawned a two-year community project that brought together 78 elementary school students, four teachers, an artist and many city staff and local businesses.

The result is Green Symphony, a collection of seven metal sculptures created by Vancouver artist Jeannette Lee. After months of collaboration with students from Debeck and Mitchell elementary schools, the sculptures, which are interspersed within the parks natural landscape, represent life in the park.

A symphony of sculptures
Michelle Hopkins, Postmedia News, 2011.07.11